How does MAC work?

MAC is a practical abortion fund. Essentially, this means we do not provide financial assistance for abortion procedures, but rather, assist with other costs and difficulties associated with getting abortions.

If you are traveling to Chicago for an abortion from another city or state, we can help ease your journey. If needed, MAC can book your travel arrangements to get to the city (for example, bus or train ticket, or reimburse for gas money). A MAC volunteer can meet you at the bus or train station and escort you to a volunteer's home where you will stay during your visit.

This eliminates the costly expense of staying in a hotel. It is our goal to make your stay go as smoothly as possible. MAC also helps reduce costs of food and medication.

If you need to travel to Chicago to access safe and legal abortion services, we host and help with transportation.

Parental notification law

There are laws relating to parental involvement for those under the age of 18 who seek to obtain an abortion in Illinois. Minors who need information about the law or help to get an abortion without telling a parent can contact the Judicial Bypass Coordination Project.

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