Mission and Vision

We provide accommodation and support to those who travel to Chicago to access a safe, legal abortion when prohibitive legislation limits access closer to home. We envision a world in which women have access to safe, free, legal abortions wherever they live.

Illinois—Chicago specifically—is a travel destination for pregnancy termination in the Midwest. Compared to its surrounding states, Illinois has far fewer barriers to obtaining safe and skilled abortion care. For example, Illinois does not subject women to a mandatory waiting period, misinformed consent, or forced ultrasounds. The state also does not have Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers and hasn't made efforts to defund Planned Parenthood.

Illinois also has contraceptive equity, allows emergency contraceptives in emergency rooms, and participates in stem cell research.

Politically pro-choice

Due to Illinois' pro-choice legislation, providers present, and lack of options closer to home, approximately 3,000 women travel to Chicago annually to receive abortion services. The hardships and costs of travel vary, but consider:

If a woman is struggling to come up with enough money to pay the bare minimum for her procedure, how will she be able to pay for a train ticket, hotel, cabs, and food in an urban city? MAC aims to fill this gap.