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Sometimes the state you live in, or where you are going to get the abortion might require parents or legal guardians to know about the procedure, or even consent for you to have an abortion. We help folks all the time however who cannot tell family members about their pregnancy, and need confidential help.

There are resources for you, to make sure you can legally and safely have your abortion completed. The ACLU Judicial Bypass team works with minors to complete their abortion. The ACLU explains that the term “judicial bypass” refers to an event in which a judge gives an order that allows a minor to have an abortion without notifying an adult family member.

Judicial bypass hearings are free, fast and confidential. All abortion seekers have the right to a free lawyer. You can reach out to the ACLU at Or you can contact them by calling 877.442.9727, texting 312.560.6607, or emailing [email protected].